• I love photography, drawing, hiking and dancing.
  • One of my life dreams is to mark all the mountains and lakes in the world.
  • I started learning Chinese Classical Dances since 2016. It is my honor to perform at the celebration of 106th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University and participate in the documentary filming of Yi Wu (佾舞). I started learning Street Dance (popin, hiphop) since 2018 but lack of training. My favorite dance group is Kinjaz. My favorite choreographer is Franklin Yu, and yeah he is one of the most important reasons why I came to UCLA. My favorite dancer is Sherry Tang (唐诗逸). 
  • I play with watercolor and oil paints, only for fun, but I wish to have more skills to express what is in my mind.
  • I learnt piano for several months when I was a kid. Now I only play it for fun, it is weird that I feel learning sth is much easier when I was a kid. I always hope to learn violin, and I believe there will be a juncture. I once wrote a song without knowing any music theory, struggled with music theory when I was a mezzo soprano in the school choir, and always hope to write a symphony someday.
  • Back to 2012, I used to train myself as a simultaneous interpreter. I temporarily gave up this career because I failed to pass the professional accreditation test. I still hope someday with sufficient preparation I can give it another try.
  • Back to 2010-2011, I had a keen interest in writing fictions, built outlines for around ten novels and even serialized one of them in public. I considered to be a professional writer but I missed a signature in the contract with the editor and had to sign it again. This accident gave me a chance to re-consider it. Then I thought it was not the right time. I will pick up my pen after I feel I am worldly-wise enough for creation.
  • I prefer cooking for others rather than cooking for myself.

📧Contact: violynne@ucla.edu

Latest News

Sept 17 2020: Three works submitted to CHI.

June 20 2020: One work rejected by UIST.

May 6 2020: One work submitted to UIST.

March 20 2020: Finished a course on Bioelectronics.

Feb 7 2020: One work accepted by CHI LBW.

Dec 13 2019: Finished a course on Neuroscience.

Dec 8 2019: One work rejected by CHI.

Oct 25 2019: One work accepted by IMWUT.

Oct 22 2019: One work presented at UIST SIC.

Sep 20 2019: One paper submitted to CHI.

Aug 15 2019: One paper submitted to IMWUT.

July 30 2019: My first time attending SIGGRAPH.




UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program

NLP Group @ Computer Science, UCLA

Laboratory for Clinical and Affective Psychophysiology @ Psychology, UCLA

ACE, Makeability, Make4all @ UW

Human-Computer Interaction Initiative @ HKUST

 Interaction Lab @ KAIST



Publicity Co-Chair (ISS 2020)

Accessibility Co-chair (UIST 2020)

Associate Chair (CHI LBWs 2020)


Student Volunteer (UIST 2019, 2020)

Volunteer at Beijing Volunteer Service Foundation and the China Braille Library (2018)



ECE 209AS Human-Computer Interaction, UCLA (2019 Fall, 2020 Fall)


Honors & Awards

Selected for a SIGCHI Student Travel Grant, 2020

Selected to CRA-WP Grad Cohort for Women, 2020

Graduates with distinction & Outstanding Thesis Award , Tsinghua University 2019

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 5%), CHI 2019

National Scholarship (Top 1%), Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2018

Second Prize, Tsinghua University 35th Challenge Cup, 2018

Comprehensive Scholarship (Top 4%), Tsinghua University, 2017

First Prize, GIX Innovation Competition, 2016

Outstanding Thesis Award, Tianjin University, 2015


Invited Talks

"Inclusive Design: Accessibility Ignites Innovation" at TEDxTHU, 2018


Selected Press

TechCrunch: Alibaba made a smart screen to help blind people shop and it costs next to nothing

The Next Web: Alibaba’s inexpensive smart display tech makes shopping easier for the visually impaired 

Techengage: Alibaba's Smart Touch is everything for the visually impaired

Google’s AI hardware, in new hands